58 Best Ideas For Funny Stories About School Guys



  1. Posted by jojounpronouncablelastname, — Reply

    For Pinterest? Nothing changed. For Tumblr? Hohohooo boy, I think I have a 50% chance turning into either an actual moose or Sam Winchester and driving a mustang. How exciting

  2. Posted by gplynm, — Reply

    On Tumblr? I'm a normal person with a weird nickname (no change). On Pinterest? I'm in charge of saving the world EVERY TIME SOMETHING STOPS BY TO THREATEN IT I DIDN'T THINK THIS THROUGH OH CRUD

  3. Posted by TheFlaffbloodprince137, — Reply

    So I'm a hudge snek as large as the entire world, just sleep on the edge of the world and occasionally kill people before someone gets the idea of killing me? Cool.

  4. Posted by mesperyian2002, — Reply

    Well my tumblr and Pinterest usernames are the same, so I guess I’m gonna get set on fire?? And then become evil?? No thanks I’m good

  5. Posted by trxpleespresso, — Reply

    Tumblr username? Well then I'd better be ready to die 'cause choppity chop the lumberjacks are comin, and they want the amazon.

  6. Posted by adelaideplummer, — Reply

    I would literally be an anthro. It’s my dream come true. It’s the day I’ve been waiting for. I could be. A massive fucking. Furry.

  7. Posted by OneHundredPercentNotADemon, — Reply

    As I am 100% not a demon right now, obviously i am 100%, positively, absolutely, totally not going to be a demon after this post!

  8. Posted by shinxfs, — Reply

    I roar in grief for not being able to do things right since I don't have a thumb, while the coworkers scream and run.

  9. Posted by califuld, — Reply

    Here on Pinterest I'm a dainty little ballerina. But tumblr? I'M PAID TO CRY OVER ALL MY SHIPS WHILE PETTING PANDAS

  10. Posted by BlairIsTired19, — Reply

    Only account I have that isn't just a name is "someoktreesIguess" so I guess I'm just some mediocre trees huh. Mood.

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