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  1. Posted by DroppedEggs, — Reply

    I think it's manhwa (korean manga) named, My father is hero, my mother is fairy goddes and i am reincarnator. I read it once and it's pretty cute manhwa

  2. Posted by keilalevino, — Reply

    Name nome ?

  3. Posted by rayanne9006, — Reply

    Quem sabe o nome desse mangá/novela?

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  5. Posted by mmamanivelarde4, — Reply

    Nombre del manga? Alguien dígame plisssss

  6. Posted by otmunkhdelger, — Reply

    English name? Manga or novel?

  7. Posted by oditanne08, — Reply

    Where can i read this??

  8. Posted by aminasultanbekkyzy, — Reply

    Название пожалуйста

  9. Posted by digtha, — Reply

    What is the title?

  10. Posted by BLOOD2702, — Reply

    Qual o nome ??

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