53 Coronavirus Memes To Look At While in Quarantine


According to the latest numbers, the coronavirus has killed more than 3,000 people and there are now more than 88,000 global cases. The infection has spread to every continent except for Antarctica. People have taken to making memes about the situation as they do with everything and social media has been blowing up with new coronavirus memes every day. Here are 53 of the best coronavirus memes.


  1. Posted by donutdacreator, — Reply

    I’m here, acting as the 2020 Murder Lotto. It’s simple; just type out your predictions for the coming months (or the end of the world) and if you win, you get an internet cookie!

  2. Posted by aherouni, — Reply

    I love this movie! Yaasssss! This is soooo goood!!! No COVID-19 will stop us! *raises paper sword *To Valhalla!

  3. Posted by emigruender, — Reply

    Who else saw this in 2022? Haha, cannaballism, WW3, and flying giant spiders everywhere! lol who else in 2022?

  4. Posted by TheFrizz1, — Reply

    The funniest part is that tigress is the only one who got out of that fight without being jaded

  5. Posted by disneyfreak411, — Reply

    But...but they lost this fight

  6. Posted by issacvazquezroman, — Reply

    all of them die Exept po who heals them with the vitamin a yin and yang

  7. Posted by gryfinndorrrrrrrrrrrr, — Reply

    That be me and my bff when we is getting steped up to and they try to beat us

  8. Posted by juliannaawalker, — Reply

    I’m pretty sure they lost that fight.

  9. Posted by 1TZM3HH, — Reply

    But didn't they LOSE this fight?

  10. Posted by Luxray_Lloyd, — Reply

    You know that most of them ‘died,’ right?

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